Aloe to Glowing Skin

Collage_1One of the first reactions I got after drinking aloe vera gel for a few weeks was “your skin is really glowing!” My skin certainly was smoother and softer (even my husband remarked on it!) and I felt generally healthier, less bloated and like I had a bit more of a spring in my step.. FROM THE INSIDE OUT We all know that “we are what we eat” and that what we put on the inside shows on the outside. Skin is the largest organ in the body and takes 28 days to regenerate; which it does from the inside. By the time the new cells reach the outside of the body, they are nothing but dull flakes which slough off. OFFER YOUR BODY THE BEST What better way to care for your skin and give it a glow than the purest, most natural gift that nature has to offer. Forever aloe drinking gels, made with 100% inner leaf gel, are the purest on the market. Stabilised using a COLD process in order to retain all the benefits of the 200 different compounds and 75 active ingredients contained within the plant; this is surely the best way to look after your forever home – the skin you live in! FROM THE OUTSIDE We do, of course, need to look after our skin from the outside too. Protecting it against the elements, whether that be wind, rain, sun or snow; as well as pollution. Aloe vera is a ‘carrier’ and one of the few things which can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, carrying all its goodness to where it’s needed the most. SPECIFIC SKIN ISSUES Whether you want simple moisturisation, have dry skin or suffer with acne, eczema or psoriasis – which aloe products are best for YOUR personal needs? For naturally glowing skin, drink plain aloe gel each morning. More problematic skin can benefit from Berry Nectar, containing cranberries and apples. How much you need to drink depends on your personal needs and for toddlers and teenagers the amounts differ. Please contact me for more precise advice. For daily moisturising, chose between the Sonya range for drier or more mature skin and the Fleur de Jouvence range for sensitive or younger skin. Aloe Moisturising Lotion is ideal for general moisturising of hands and face; while Aloe Lotion is a lighter texture and great for the whole body. Acne, eczema and psoriasis generally respond well to Aloe Propolis Cream. Bee Propolis is used by bees to coat the inside of the hive and keep it sterile; which is why its antibacterial properties render it useful for these conditions. My 16 year old daughter uses it on her face and back and has seen a marked improvement in her spots within just a few days. Aloe Propolis Cream contains lanolin, so if your skin reacts to this, then either Aloe Moisturising Lotion or Aloe Lotion would be the alternative. Forever Alpha-E Factor serum is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Apply it to spots as necessary as it will also help reduce scarring.

All products are available from my website at  For further help, visit my Facebook page and leave me a private message. 🙂


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