Why Aloe Vera?

IMG_112672175964567Why Aloe Vera?

In which I explain how I came to be where I’m at!

Well, here it is folks – my first ever blog! Please bear with me while I navigate my way round this new form of social media. My aim is to bring you exciting, interesting and engaging posts. Your constructive criticism will be very much appreciated, so do, PLEASE, join in!

So, WHY aloe vera? Isn’t that just something they add to toiletries to make your skin feel soft and smell nice? Well, that’s what I thought too, until I started drinking it. DRINKING ALOE VERA??!! Yes! Albeit just the inner leaf gel (no leaf included); which has been stabilised using a unique patented COLD process in o order to retain all the fabulous nutrients contained within the plant. 200 different compounds, 75 active ingredients and almost all the amino acids required by the body to function efficiently. Who knew?!

Yes, I began to drink it. 30 mls a day to start with, increasing to 60 mls after4 days. And now I drink anywhere between 60 and 120 mls a day, depending on my activity levels and if I feel a cold or energy dip approaching.

When I began thinking about going back to work (my little boy was due to start nursery), I didn’t want another endless round of running between a J.O.B (Just Over Broke) and childminder; couldn’t face working my socks off to line someone else’s pocket. Which is why it made perfect sense to do what I really enjoy – helping and teaching others. As a coach I was training others to get fit, with aloe vera I could help them improve their health as it did mine. Which is why I signed up and became an independent distributor of Forever Living Products.Ubisoft

And that, lovely people, is how I got to where I’m at!




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